Battle Rope Double Waves


Battle rope double waves are a fundamental battle rope exercise that target the shoulders, upper back and lower traps. abs, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Teaching Points

  1. Grab the battle rope by the ends of the rope, don’t grip the battling rope too tightly otherwise you’ll fatigue the forearm muscles.
  2. Slightly hinge the hips, keep a neutral spine, brace the core muscles and keep your eyes fixed on the anchor point.
  3. In a co-ordinated movement between your arms and legs drive the rope upwards to shoulder level, then at the top of the movement slam the ropes towards the floor to hip level.
  4. Keep the elbows tucked in to the ribs and repeat this movement quickly to create a fluid motion, both sides of the rope will move in unison with one another.
  5. The smaller your waves the faster the undulations move through the rope, the larger your waves the slower the undulations are sent through the rope.
  6. Remember to breathe in rhythm with the rope, inhale on the way up and exhale on the way down.
Common Problems Solutions
Error: Only using the arms to power the wave.
Correction. If only the arms are used your arms and shoulders will fatigue very quickly. By incorporating the hips into the exercise you’ll become more efficient in the movement and increase your endurance levels.

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